Brad’s A Ratings

Brad Molnar was given an A rating from the National Rifle Association and the Montana Shooting Sports Association.

National Rifle Association (NRA)

Brad teaching is his wife how to shoot. Needless to say, she’s a quick learner.

Montana Shooting Sports Association

Brad teaching the next generation of Hunters


Legislative Goals

Montana Families

Insure that Montana’s families are treated fairly and with respect by the Child and Protective Services.

Clean-Up Colstrip

Source funds for the clean up that will not stymie future investment in Colstrip’s power and to not saddle the utility or the consumer.

Audit State Agencies

Expose and eliminate programs that have outlived their usefulness, are over staffed, and because of bureaucratic/funding creep have outgrown their mission.

Paid for by Molnar For Senate, PO 517, Laurel, Mt. 59044  Republican

Public Land Access

In the political world it is mandated to say “I believe in public access to public lands” then walk away until the next election and repeat. Make no mistake; I am a strong supporter of private property rights. And I have been an ardent activist for the public’s right to access their own land for over 30 years. During this time I have been a board member of the Public Lands Access Association and am a member of the Public Land/Water Access Association. As a member of the Beartooth Back Country Horsemen I work to maintain mountain trails so families can access quality hunting and fishing.


The original purpose of welfare was to help those that could not help themselves. Now it is promoted even for healthy adults. The passage and re-authorization of Medicare Expansion raised the percentage of Montana’s on welfare to 25%; this during the best economy in decades. The “work requirements” are a farce. If a recipient makes over $35K he loses all benefits so the trend is to not seek training, accept promotions, or apply for a higher paying job. Welfare must be retooled to stop healthy/capable people from getting on welfare and to mandate the able bodied get off the dole as soon as possible. To economically trap people in multi-generational welfare is cruel.


What can the legislature’s State Administration and Veterans Affairs Committee do for our veterans? We can stand up to the bureaucratic bungling and indifference that has punctuated the conversation about VA care. Currently, under federal law a veteran can seek care outside of the system only if the VA cannot give the care in a reasonable manner. I propose we petition congress to give veterans the same level of care as Medicare recipients by issuing them an insurance payment card they can present to the doctor of their choice, which includes the VA. When I was a DAV driver I ran this idea past those I gave rides to the clinic. ALL thought it was a great idea. We should petition Congress to make Montana a test site for this option.

Paid for by Molnar For Senate, PO 517, Laurel, Mt. 59044  Republican


There is a proper level of taxation to provide for the common good. That level was passed a long time ago. The Appropriations Committee looks only at new requests for funding. There is not an ongoing review of programs to see if they really work, to see if they are out of date, to see if they are over staffed; instead we fund empty positions. Our response to Covid-19 guarantees a hyper shrinking of our economy; tax revenues will soon not meet expenditure levels. There are three choices when this happens. First, raise taxes. Second reduce all expenditures equally to match income. Third, reduce government after studying the efficacy of current programs eliminate those that are not efficient or needed, then reduce according to available revenues. I am in the third camp.


The Montana Constitution guarantees the right to a clean and healthful environment. The oath of office mandates I protect all of the constitution. Of course I support clean water and air. Of course I want to see the land cared for so future generations of wildlife and people can prosper. I also believe our environment includes lunch boxes, paid orthodontic bills, reliable energy, and college tuition. These things require we treat our environment with respect while we use its bounty to provide for ourselves, our children, and future generations.

Paid for by Molnar For Senate, PO 517, Laurel, Mt. 59044  Republican

Support Molnar for Montana

If you are so moved, I can accept $175 from you, your spouse, and/or self sufficient children. If you are not so moved I’ll gladly accept what you can afford with a thankful heart. $100 buys a tank of gas. $50 buys a radio ad. $25 buys 5 yard signs. It all moves the needle.

You know the drill. I need your information to make this legal; legal is good.

Prefer to donate by sending a check? Download and print the money slip below and mail your donation to:

Brad Molnar

1423 Frank PO 517

Laurel, MT 59044

Paid for by Molnar For Senate, PO 517, Laurel, Mt. 59044  Republican

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